J. Williams

There is nothing extraordinary about me. I'm just a guy out here in the world, trying to live his best life. Father, Husband, Creative Thinker, Dreamer....I guess those are the things people call me. I'll answer to all of them. There's certainly some other adjectives that could be used, like scatter brain, procrastinator, scatter brain....

Ever since I was young, I've been drawn to photography. I've always found magic in the way  photographers manage to capture so much emotion, so much...feeling, in the scenes they shoot. Ansel Adams, world renowned photography genius and creator of some of the most breathtaking black and white photos ever composed, caught my eye as a teenager. It's difficult to explain, but there was something in those seemingly simple photos, that sparked an emotion inside me. There was something so beautiful, simple, and complicated in those images. My love of amazing photos took off, even though it would still be many years before I would actually pick up a camera, and take my own.

I'll save you the drawn out story, and just fast forward twenty years. Nowadays, I don't leave the house without my trusty Canon attached to my hand, hip, or shoulder. I see photo ops in nearly every moment in life, and I NEED to capture them. It's an obsession. A healthy obsession, sure, but an obsession nonetheless. 

Industry professionals say that as a photographer, you should choose a niche, and stick to it. That's how you'll become successful in this game. It's probably solid advice. Advice that I refuse to take, of course, because I'm also stubborn on top of all the other things. I love shooting everything. ALL the things. ALL the people. ALL the places.

I love all the moments....                                    

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